Monday, 27 April 2009

Update on the Hub & May Day Bank Holiday

I've had an email from The Hub's manager - they have increased the cleaning frequency of the loos! I'm hoping that this will mean that they are a little less smelly! We should also now get the use of a changing room and access on Bank Holidays. She was also very complimentary on the Beginners' achievements!

Running will take place as usual next week (Bank Holiday Monday) at the usual times. I'll be at the Bishopstoke Community Association Fete on BH Monday afternoon, drumming up some interest in the group - so please come & say "Hi" if you are in the area.


Monday, 20 April 2009

Music & Running

My Fabulous Mother In Law has recently discovered that she runs faster to music - so some more about running to music....

I love running to music - it helps me to keep my pace up and it really helps with my motivation when I'm alone. This Runners World article gives a great overview of the benefits many get. However, I find that a good natter does more to prevent boredom - and that running with others helps me to push my pace.

Why not?
The same Runners World article also gives some of the reasons not to run with music. Safety is a consideration - ensure that the volume is low enough that you can still hear traffic and what's going on around you. Many races discourage music as it may mean that runners don't hear what race stewards are telling them - and there are some that feel that it reduces runners engagement with the event.

What hardware?
I'm very fond of my ipod shuffle - as it's solid state, it doesn't have a crisis when it's bounced around and it clips nicely onto my t-shirt. The ipod nano can be linked to the Nike + system in trainers for many training options.

What music?
Very much a matter of taste! I like Christina Aguilera - but only when running - and noisy rock (Foo Fighters are a fave). I have had to eject tracks from my running playlist where the speed changes - Fatboy Slim's Rockafella Skank for example! Some other suggestions in this Guardian article.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Beginners Programme - the second!

The new beginners programme will start on Monday 29th June at 8pm - so if you know anyone who's been inspired by your running achievements this year, please do mention this to them! It will be another 10 week programme.

Until June, I'll be running 2 groups - standard group at 6:30pm on Mondays and Intermediate group at 7:35pm. From 29th June, these 2 become 1 (wasn't that a Spice Girls song??) at 7pm.

And finally - pic is of X & me at the Eastleigh 10K, looking a little post run!