Thursday, 26 August 2010

This week's runs - wc 23rd August

4 runs to report this week - and I had the bike setting on the GPS by mistake so the calorie counts are not right. Never mind! Running is as per usual on Bank Holiday Monday and Tuesday next week.

Monday 7pm 6.44km in 41:40
Monday 8pm 6.00km in 42:42
Tuesday 7pm 5.64km in 38:17
Thursday 7pm 12.0km in 1:23:47

Well done to Claire D on her first 10K on Thursday - and it wasn't the easiest route! Some great running too by Clare L, Jayne, Pauline and Kelly who all ran 12K rather well.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A bit more about.... giving blood and running

A topical subject as I've been trying to work out how to support Thursday's longer run, given that I'm booked to give blood on Thursday morning....
According to the National Blood Service website, 8-10% of my blood will be removed. If I weighed less, this % would be higher - it's why you have to be 50kg (7 stone 12) to give blood. Anyway, vigorous exercise isn't recommended afterwards as it dilates the blood vessels, increasing the risk of feeling faint - so no running!
I did try to run once on the treadmill on the same day - I felt ill and woozy after about 10 mins.
There's lots more about this on the website and there's also a donor helpline.

nb managed a PW (personal worst) on Saturday's parkrun - still blaming lack of blood!).

Saturday, 21 August 2010

This week's runs - 16th & 17th August

A bit late this week, never mind...

Monday 7pm 6.76km in 46:36 548 calories
Monday 8pm 6.07km in 44:26 478 calories
Tuesday 7pm 5:03km in 35:18 407 calories

For those of you wanting to work on distance, I can support a longer run on Thursday 26th August at 7pm from the Hub. Distance will be at least 10km, but we will tailor the route depending on who comes. I will probably be on my bicycle as I'm due to give blood that morning (have tried to run the evening after, but it's never really worked well!).

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A bit more about... chafing

Chafing isn't fun! I'm not covering blisters in this post as I've covered these before - so I am focussing on bits of us that may have been uncomfortably chafed after a run above the foot.

Treatment - I'm a big fan of Sudocrem, nappy rash cream that comes in reassuringly non trendy packaging. Apply it to chafed bits & it will soothe and help to speed up healing. It does have lanolin in so do check the label if you have allergies to consider. It's also good at soothing grazes and sun burn - definitely a good addition to the bathroom cabinet, even if you have no intention of going near a nappy!

If you have experienced chafing, you need to asses your wardrobe to hunt out the guilty culprits.

A sports bra can chafe when it is not supporting you - it may have worn out, or perhaps you've lost weight. Either way, it's time for a new one - do check that it fits perfectly.

Shorts and jogging pants can rub on legs - try switching to a different style if you are getting problems (e.g. switch from loose to cycling/tights type). Sleeveless tops can also cause issues if your arm ends up rubbing against your body - try applying a little vaseline here if you want to keep wearing the offending article.

Cotton t-shirts or anything with thick seams can chafe. Cotton also tends to rub when it's wet and/or sweaty as it gets so heavy. Running specific clothing tends to be designed with flatter seams in wickable fabrics that are quite fitted - good choices for chafing avoidance.

Underwear can also cause discomfort - do try different styles to find what suits your running best if you are feeling uncomfortable - it may not be your usual day-to-day style.

My running pack chafes nastily if I don't check that it's set up nicely. Any waist or band you wear may need to be adjusted carefully.

Vaseline and anti chafing creams can help to prevent problems in specific areas - as can a bit of micropore or zinc oxide tape.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Weekly update - 9th and 10th August

I have 3 places left for the next Beginners sesh starting September 7th - so if any friends are considering starting to run, do suggest that they get in touch! If anyone is hankering after a place in the Great South Run, you can still get a bonded charity place with the Stars Appeal Caring for Kids - contact Hannah Payne on 01722 429005.
If you are training for the Great South, my 10K training pdf may help - same principles!

This week's strength exercise was a single leg squat - great for stabilising weak knees. We did some threshold work on Monday & a "straight" 6.1km run on Tuesday:

Mon 7pm 5.02km in 33:11 410 calories
Mon 8pm 5.00km in 34:14 400 calories
Tue 7pm 6.10km in 42:22 507 calories

I will not be running on Monday 6th September as I'll be pedalling from Glasgow to Edinburgh as part of Project Start. There will be normal running on Tuesday that week though.

Friday, 6 August 2010

This week's runs - 2nd and 3rd August

Thanks so much to all of you for participating so enthusiastically in the new warm up - skipping, galloping and hacky sacks! I'm sure Karen has springs in her trainers... All 3 sessions this week had a strength focus - hills and a strength exercise at the end ("the stork") which worked on foot & ankle strengthening. And the strength is required - bear in mind that each time you land, that's 2-3 times your body weight being taken by each single foot landing! We'll have a different strength exercise this week.

Mon 7pm 5.57km in 38:14 464 calories
Mon 8pm 5.00km in 36:36 287 calories*
Tue 7pm 5.08km in 38:09 393 calories

* calories was based on my movement and I had a walking break in that session.