Sunday, 30 October 2011

Runs w/c 24th October

Well done fabulous Great South Runners!  Sarah F, Lisa, Fiona, Clare W, Kelly, Tory, Claire G, Clare L (and Tim), Dawn, Jennifer, Joanne and Emma all completed the 10 mile run!  I think there's an amazing story attached to each runner - and I'm looking to hearing more about it at the pub tomorrow.

We're not running tomorrow - but will be in the Foresters from about half 7.  All very welcome.  Normal running will be resumed by Tuesday.

Last week's runs:

  • Mon 7pm 5.00km in 32:46, 415 calories
  • Mon 8pm 5.00km in 40:21, 337 calories
  • Tue 7pm 5.00km in 34:03, 411 calories
  • Tue 8pm 3.78km in 31:39, 246 calories

Beginners week 9
Our penultimate session!

  • Warm Up
  • Run for 31 minutes with 1 walk break at 15 minutes
  • Cool Down
  • Strech

Monday, 24 October 2011

Party time!

SRS's Christmas Party is on Friday 9th December at Roddington Forge (on Arlington Lane).  Cost is £10 which includes a buffet.
I believe the plan is to boogie until our feet hurt which sounds perfect!

I'f you's like to go, can you let me know by this Friday (29th) and then let me have your £10 whenever's convenient.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Runs wc 17th October

Great South next weekend!  No run this week will be over 5km (or will have a gentle 5km option)- so don't worry about being able to take it gently this week.

On Monday 31st October, there will be no running as many of us will have post Great South legs...  Come along instead to the Foresters pub (near my house) for a drink instead - I should be there from about 7:30pm.  Feel free to wear running kit if that makes babysitting negotiations easier!  All very welcome - whether you did the Great South or not, whichever session you normally run with.

Jennifer is talking about bringing some SRS kit for purchase on Monday - you might want to bring a cheque book.

Check out our facebook page for details of a yoga event coming up next month...
  • Mon 7pm 6.44km in 44:30, 529 calories
  • Mon 8pm 6.81km in 54:38, 448 calories
  • Tue 7pm  5.27km in 45:30, 356 calories
  • Tue 8pm  3.99km in 33:22, 252 calories

Beginners Week 8
32 minute session - 2 walking breaks.

  • Warm up
    • Running session is 32 minutes long, with walk breaks at 10mins and 21mins
  • Cool Down
  • Stretch

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Our Runs w/c 10th October

Well done to Sarah K who did her first ever 10K last weekend in a very respectable 63 minutes!
Apparently, the weather is about to get chillier - so here's a reminder about ice/snow protocol:

  1. If it's safe to run , we will do.  We run in the rain & on frosty nights.
  2. Snow & ice - no running!  I will post on this blog by midday if that day's runs are to be cancelled.  I will also send a message to the FB page if I can.  So do check the blog if it's snowy & you're not sure.
So now we are in winter mode, refectives become essential!  Layer thin layers that you can remove whilst running rather than wearing 1 thick layer.  A lightweight waterproof can act as a windproof & really help with staying warm - and you can get windproof jackets.  Gloves and a hat or headband can help extremities to avoid frost bite!  As a group, we tend to stick to roads anyway in the dark, but those of you who venture off road in the daylight, consider getting a pair of trail shoes.

  • Mon 7pm  6.68km in 45:14 mins, 552 calories
  • Mon 8pm 5.82km 45:09 mins, 421 calories
  • Tue 7pm  5.92km in 49:08 mins, 373 calories
  • Tue 8pm  4.23km in 35:46 mins, 264 calories

Beginners Week 7
  • Warm up
  • The run:
    • 33  minutes with 3 walking breaks at 8 minutes, 17 minutes and 26 minutes
  • Cool down
  • Stretch

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Our runs w/c 3rd October

Well done to Lisa, Fiona, Sarah F, Claire G, Clare L, Tim (special permission), Clare W, Emma, Joanne & Louise HW - you all did fantastically in the Great South test runs this weekend.  The Friday night run was a tour of Eastleigh - mostly dry with many more hills than the actual GSR route.  Saturday was a gorgeous off road jaunt - woods and Itchen path - with sunshine, swans & lots of jays for some reason.  Both went from my house for reasons of laziness on my part which had the pros of non-smelly loos & tea afterwards of but the con of a big uphill ending to long runs. 

I may be speaking too soon, but parking has been much less annoying at the Hub on Tuesdays for the 7pm runs.  I will see if I can get another venue sorted though - Patricia has a potentially good contact....

Some of you may be joining me on 19th November for a yoga for runners workshop in Brockenhurst.  In addition to this, Fiona has a yoga teaching acquaintance who has offered us up a 90 minute session of yoga geared up for runners (she is a runner which helps).  Details to follow, but it looks as if it will be a Wednesday evening, Romsey, and about £10ish.   It will be for a max of 10 of us - and exclusively for us.

Mon 7pm 6.68km in 43:52, 555 calories
Mon 8pm 6.11km in 46:55, 457 calories
Tue 7pm 5.00km in 41:54, 297 calories
Tue 8pm 4.73km in 39:48, 312 calories
Friday 10 miles in 2:06:48 1178 calories
Saturday 10 miles in 2:39:30 941 calories

Week 6 Beginners

  • Warm up
  • The run:
    • Jog for 34 minutes with 4 walk breaks at:
      • 6 minutes
      • 13 minutes
      • 20 minute
      • 27 minutes
  • Cool Down
  • Stretching

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Runs 26th and 27th September

Bit of an eventful week - 4 SRS members joined us on Tuesday for the 7pm run & got to witness me getting bitten by a dog!  Yes, I have reported it - although the owner would not give me her details.  It's worth mentioning that contrary to the lady's opinion, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure runner s (or anyone else) isn't bitten by their dog....

It is also worth noting that we are all able to join any of the other SRS runs - check out their website for links to the details.  And whilst you are surfing, if you are a Facebook user, we are there as a group: Eastleigh Women's Running - part of SRS (snappy - it's a long story!).

Well done to Clare L who did the first CC6 on Sunday.  This is a series of 6 cross country races this winter that we can do, representing SRS.  The next one is November 13th.

  • Mon 7pm 6.78km in 41:48, 549 calories
  • Mon 8pm 5.33km in 42:53, 343 calories (not sure about that calorie count!)
  • Tue 7pm 5.32km in 39:44, 407 calories
  • Tue 8pm 4.57km, 37:05, 331 calories

Beginners Week 5
  • Warm up
  • The run bit:
    • Run for 4 minutes
    • Walk break (1 minute)
    • Repeat until you get to 15 minutes
    • Run for 5 minutes
    • Walk break (1 minute)
    • Repeat until you get to 39 minutes
  • Cool Down
  • Stretch