Tuesday, 28 June 2011

2 New Beginner Programmes

Now we are properly re-homed with Southampton Running Sisters, I'm planning on 2 Beginner Programmes:
  • Fast Track: 4 weeks starting on Tuesday 2nd August at 8pm This is designed for women who can already run (gently jog!) for about 8-10 minutes, no matter how slowly. We'll get you to 30 minutes of running and to a point where you can transfer to our Improvers groups. Perfect if you've had a break from running or if you've worked to a point on your own where you'd like to try a club.
  • Absolute Beginners: 10 weeks starting on Tuesday 6th September at 8pm. If you've never run before, this could be the group for you! We start by alternating 1 minute of gentle jogging with 1 minute of walking - and build up gradually to 30 minutes of running.
Let me know if you'd like to join either - and do feel free to pass my email details on to anyone you know who may be interested - tidridge@gmail.com .

Monday, 27 June 2011

How Swimming Can Help You Run

Camille was telling me that on holiday, she intended to swim a couple of lengths, but somehow ended up doing 40! She’s attributing this to increased fitness from running, but I thought I’d look into how swimming can help your running.

I am a reasonably rubbish swimmer – I only nailed head-in-the-water breaststroke a couple of years ago – but I am married to a great swimmer. Angela is the only keen swimmer I know of in the group.

Endurance Crossover

Swimming is aerobic, CV exercise. Add a 20 minute reasonably intensive swim to your routine (i.e. not stopping for a 5 minute chat every other length!) and you’ll improve your body’s fitness and stamina. As it is low impact with the water supporting your body, you can add this without stressing your joints.

And adding running to swimming is good too. Running is high impact and weight bearing – so helps to build protection against osteoporosis.

Muscle Crossover

The beauty of swimming is that it doesn’t use the same mix of muscles in the same way as running. There’s much more upper body work and that can balance the lower body emphasis of running. And I find that swimming does work my core too.

Breaststroke is a good all over body workout. Front crawl has the advantage of working your ankles for the kicking action.

It is also resistance work, so you’ll strengthen your muscles more.

Technique Crossover

I think that you see the benefits of great technique more obviously for swimming than many other activities – and it helps to build the message that technique really matters! Timing can improve the efficiency of a stroke - as it can the efficiency of your stride.

Running and Swimming Together

Triathlon is the obvious way to combine running and swimming – with cycling too. If the thought of open water & wetsuits is a little daunting, there are events where the swimming bit is done in the pool.

Swimming can be a great recovery activity – easing your body back into exercise after injury or a big race in the pool allows you to get muscles moving without risking joints.

Getting Started

Because technique does make all the difference between feeling that your swim was simply drowning avoidance or actually a great workout, do consider taking some lessons. Or persuade a friend who swims well to join you in the pool to give you a few pointers.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Running report 20th & 21st June

It's taken since January, but we are finally in Asia! We crossed the Bosphorus on Monday evening in Istanbul, which was cited as a possible reason for it being a bit warm & humid....

Congratulations to Louise - her coaching licence is finally through, so we have 2 qualified leaders for Eastleigh runs. And welcome back Patricia - it's fabulous to welcome back runners after a break, especially when they seem to do better than they've told me they will.

If you've not had a chance to register with SRS yet, here's a gentle nudge to do so. Don't forget that the address has changed - refer to my last email on the subject. Just need to to get my application in the mail now [guilt, guilt, guilt] so I can get access to the list of tempting events....

On Tuesday 5th July, apologies but I won't be running as I'll be doing a work thing.

Mon 7pm 5.26km in 35:19 428 calories
Mon 8pm 7.50km in 55:03 586 calories
Tue 7pm 5.55km in 47:37 368 calories

Monday, 20 June 2011

How Cycling Can Help You Run

It’s about time I did a bit more writing about running, so here’s a new mini series on cross training – doing stuff other than running to improve your running and your fitness. Eastleigh SRS runners who pedal regularly include me, Gillian, Pauline and Claire D and this is Cycle to Work Week – so it seems a good place to start.

Endurance Crossover

A lengthy bike ride will help you to develop endurance fitness, getting your body, legs and lungs to sustain effort over a longer time. Giving your exercise regime a bit of variety can also help you to keep working on endurance.

Many of us use bikes for commuting and as transport – so we sneak in a bit more exercise without using up much extra time.

Muscle Crossover

Cycling uses most of the leg and hip muscles used for running – so helps to strengthen them.

It is also low impact, so your joints don’t get the same pounding that they get when you run.

Cycling is perfect for recovering from a sprained ankle & many other injuries.

Running complements cycling as it is weight bearing which builds greater bone density, helping to protect you against osteoporosis.

Technique Crossover

Cyclists work on cadence – spinning their legs faster to cycle more efficiently. Increasing your pace when running by doing the same (more, faster strides instead of bigger strides) is also more efficient.

Running and Cycling Together

Duathlons normally combine running with cycling. I’ve only done one, but now I have a more road focused bike, I’d love to do another! If your swimming is good, there’s always triathlons.

I find that a gentle bike ride to running events (e.g. parkrun) warms me up before and cools me down afterwards.

Getting Started

If you’ve not cycled for a while, start gently and ideally without traffic. Persuade a cycling friend to join you – and lend you a bike – in a park, on a cycle path or on the New Forest cycle ways.

Spinning bikes and exercise bikes in the gym are also useful for getting the movement nailed before venturing outside.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Runs on 13th and 14th June

We didn't quite make it to Istanbul, but we are so close! I underestimated the length of the European bit of Turkey...

I'm impressed with Clare L and Helen - both went running in the rain this week. The only reasons I dislike doing so is that my specs stream up and it renders off road routes too slippery to make my group run risk assessment.

I was also very grateful to the 7pm Monday group for taking the initiative to split us into 2 groups with 2 routes.

The Tuesday run in particular has been hit by a lack of parking - it's the changeover between yoga & aerobics classes combined with other events. Try to arrive in plenty of time, car share, cycle, walk - but I'm sure that all of you do who can! I'm going to stop bringing my car until I do another beginners' programme, but will still be able to accommodate a few car keys in my pack. The alternative parking spot I suggest is here. You'll recognise it as the bit of road in between the Anglers Inn and Glebe Meadow - it's about 2 minutes walk to the Hub from here & I can walk with you back to your car at the end of the session.
Fun fun fun.

Anyway, last week's runs:
Mon 7pm 4.38km/5.83km in 35:49/?? 284/?? calories
Mon 8pm 5.83km in 48:26 389 calories
Tue 7pm 6.18km in 45:51 466 calories

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Running Report 6th & 7th June

I was so pleased to see Anita back running with us again - and I'm hoping she brings some pics of baby Dylan with her next week. I am also looking forward to hearing about Clare L's Test Way run.

On our virtual global challenge, we're now in Turkey - but in the bit of it that's still in Europe. I'm pretty confident that Clare's run plus next week's will take us into Asia.

Mon 7pm 5.86km in 39:42, 484 calories
Mon 8pm 5.63km in 42:25, 428 calories
Tue 7pm 5.00km in 40:44, 347 calories

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Tardy Running Report 30th & 31st May

Sorry to be so late... we have left Bulgaria now & are in Greece (but only briefly).

Mon 7pm 7.29km in 50:49 604 calories
Mon 8pm 5.67km in 41:41 451 calories
Tue 7pm 5.4km in 45:12 365 calories

Thursday, 2 June 2011

parkrun event on Saturday - Run Free

parkrun are adding fancy dress and cakes to Saturday's regular Easteligh parkrun on 4th June as a Run Free event.
parkrun is a free to enter timed 5K event that takes place at 9am every Saturday morning at venues all over the country. Eastleigh's takes place at Lakeside Country Park (off Wide Lane) - get tehre about 10 minutes beforehand so you have time to park. It is 2 laps, traffic free, mostly on gravel tracks plus a little grass. Pauline, Karen and Claire D are all fans!

Reasons to love parkrun
1. It is free to run, but you must register beforehand (also free) online and print out a barcode to take with you. Don't forget that we are now Southampton Running Sisters.
2. You'll be told how fast you ran via email. You hand your barcode to a volunteer to scan just after you've finished running. The email normally arrives that afternoon.
3. You can see how you are progressing as you can log into your account and compare your times week to week.
4. The organisers, volunteers and runners are all lovely, friendly people - and very supportive of newbies.
5. It is all over by mid morning, leaving you the rest of the weekend to fel smug!