Sunday, 4 March 2012

Monday, 27 February 2012

Runs from Eastleigh on 20th & 21st Feb - and a change

This will be the last weekly blog from this website - I will be starting a new one this week with a more SRS-ish url!  

I've scheduled the next 2 Thursdays as Eastleigh 10K test runs.  No looping back as that will add to the length of your run, but will probably adopt the SRS front & back marker approach instead, issuing a couple of maps of the route - have a look here to see where it goes.  The only differences will be at the Passfield Ave turn onto Shakespeare Rd where we may cut the other side of B&Q and given the lighting, we will finish up Passfield Ave rather than cutting into the park.  I will be the back marker.  Walk breaks are very acceptable and the aim is to give those of you taking part this year a bit of a confidence boost.  Both will go from the lobby at Fleming Park & will be setting off at 7pm.

Last Week's Runs:
Mon 7pm 6.79km in 44:36, 561 calories
Mon 8pm 7.15km in 50:45, 578 calories
Tue 7pm 5.66km in 42:12, 426 calories
Tue 8pm Beginners 3.29km in 32:55, 185 calories

This Week's Beginners - Week 8
33 minutes with 2 running breaks - one at 10 mins & one at 21 mins.  So much easier to sort out than the earlier walking breaks....

Monday, 20 February 2012

Runs from the Hub on 13th & 14th Feb

Well done to all of you who completed the CC6 at Bolderwood - very jealous:

  • 30th place: Claire D
  • 42nd place Donna R
  • 43rd place Dawn H
  • 47th place Louise H-W
  • 49th place Jayne
  • 50th place Clare L
  • 55th place Gillian
  • 56th Place Hilary
  • 57th place Pat

The 6th (and last) CC6 of the year will be at Fleming Park on March 4th.  Will attempt to get the hang of calendars & actually make this one....

More of you than I expected came along on Tuesday - valentines & half term obviously couldn't keep you from getting your running fix!

Last Week's Runs
Mon 7pm 6.88km in 45:17, 566 calories
Mon 8pm 5.32km in 47:51, 287 calories
Tue 7pm 6.24km in 38:43, 525 calories
Tue 8pm 3.79km in 38:07, 218 calories

Beginners Week 7
3 walk breaks this week - it's important to set out at a steady pace now that the running intervals are longer so you can guarantee finishing in fine fettle!

  • Warm up
  • Run for 33 minutes with a 1 min walk break at 8, 17 and 26 minutes.
  • Cool Down
  • Stretching

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Runs from the Hub 6th & 7th Feb

Parkrun PBs last week for Claire D (25:14), Karen B (25:17) and Clare W (29:59) - how impressive is that?  Especially as it was so cold yesterday.  This Saturday, SRS are supplying the volunteers, so let Hilary know if you are able to pitch up & help or contact Eastleigh parkrun direct.

The Beginners are doing brilliantly and will be doing their 6th week on Tuesday.  If any SRS runner would like to come along to meet, encourage & support them on Tuesdays, it is much appreciated.  Many thanks to Fiona for doing so on Tuesday.

Mon 7pm 6.96km in 41;53, 555 calories
Mon 8pm 7.26km in 47:18, 593 calories
Tue 7pm 6.85km in 45:53, 566 calories
Tue 8pm 4.41km in 43:27, 276 calories

Beginners Week 6

  • Warm Up
  • Run:
    • 34 minute run with walking breaks at 6mins, 13mins, 20mins and 27mins
  • Cool Down
  • Stretch

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A bit more about... CC6

When we joined SRS, some of us were slightly bemused when we were encouraged to take part in CC6s and RR10s - was it 6K, 6 miles, 10K, 10 miles, off road, on road - what were these things and why take part?

Well, I do now know & understand why SRS take part so enthusiastically in these series!  Starting off with the CC6....

  • What? 
  • When? 
    • One Sunday morning per month from November to March.  All start at 9:30am.
  • Where? 
    • Each race has a different course.  Four of the six are in the New Forest (next Sunday's is at Bolderwood), the last one was close to Winchester and the one on 4th March is at Fleming Park.
  • How far?
    • About 4-5 miles - a different distance each time.  Courses are cross country - so off road & most have hills.
  • How much?
    • Free.
  • How does it work?
    • Check on the website to get the start point and allow plenty of time to get there as the selected car parks can take a bit of hunting down!
    • Wear an SRS top if you have one - but don't worry if you don't.  Look for other SRS tops so we can get together at the start & learn who's doing our admin.
    • Run.
    • At the end, you'll be handed a raffle ticket.  Hand this to the SRS organiser who will administer the paperwork. 
    • Your results will then appear on the CC6 website & will contribute to SRS's performance over the series.  We need 3 runners each time to have our results counted.
  • What's so good about it?
    • Beautiful locations - a chance to run with some new scenery.
    • Friendly & welcoming.
    • Free.
    • Very well marshalled and you can study a course map at the start.
    • SRS help to marshal/organise the Winchester CC6.
    • Very fast runners can't take part.  It is designed to be a good series of events for club runners.
    • Good to meet other club's runners - and other SRS runners!
    • Early-ish start means that you have the rest of your Sunday free.
  • Any downsides?
    • It can be muddy - trail shoes will be really useful.
    • No loos at the start/finish!
    • It isn't chipped so you will lose a few seconds from your time if you weren't first in line at the start.
    • Do check the maps for starting car parks - there may not be a marshal directing traffic when you arrive.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Last Week's Runs - 30th & 31st Jan late again!

The SRS training weekend was rather brilliant - do sign up quick next year!  More activity - and more cake - than I believed I was capable of getting through.  Highlights included seeing Sarah F looking fresh and smiley after a 2 hour run, Louise & me doing 10 miles that might have been closer to 11 depending on who's GPS was more accurate, zumba taster, pilates, circuits and a sports massage.
Congratulations to Karen B for a PB at Saturday's parkrun - well under 26 minutes!
I'm looking for 2 volunteers to do a training coaching course on Sat 18th Feb.   Fully funded by SRS, on completion, you'd be able (if available!) to cover for me when ill/on hols/tied up with work, along with Louise.  Do let me know soon if this would interest you.

Anyway, the runs:
Mon 7pm 7.22km in 47:31, 595 calories
Mon 8pm 4.62km in 42:31, 255 calories
Tue 7pm 6.04km in 45:02, 473 calories
Tue 8pm 3.84km in 34;27, 239 calories
Sunday 9:30am 16.47km in 1:50:33, 1355 calories

Week 5 Beginners

  • Warm up
  • The run:
    • Run for 4 mins, walk for 1 & repeat until you've been out for 15 mins.
    • Run for 5 mins, walk for 1 & repeat until you've been out for 39 mins.
  • Cool Down
  • Stretch

Monday, 30 January 2012

A bit more about... parkrun

I'm going to embark on another mini series of blogs about stuff you might find useful.  I'm sure you'll all contribute your own wisdom either as comments here or on Facebook!
Anyway, this mini series is about local events and kicking off with parkrun.

  • What? 
    • Eastleigh parkrun
  • When? 
    • Every Saturday morning at 9am
  • Where? 
    • In winter, the playing fields on Wide Lane, in summer, Lakeside Country Park next door.  The parkrun website tells you exactly where the start is - and whether they are in summer or winter mode
  • How far?
    • 5km
  • How much?
    • Free to everyone.
  • How does it work?
    • You need to register beforehand on their website.  This is free.  
    • Then print off a barcode that you take with you on Saturday.  
    • On crossing the finish line, you'll be handed a 2nd barcode.  A marshal will scan this together with your personal barcode.
    • Later that day, you'll be texted & emailed your time.  You'll also learn if you managed a PB!  Check on the website to track your progress.
    • Do 50 (like Karen B & Claire D) & you'll get a t-shirt.
  • What's so good about it?
    • parkrun is a series of 5km races that take place at venues all over the country at 9am on Saturdays.  Extremely well organised by volunteers, you'll run with a diverse mix of speeds - and ages, including kids.
    • The organisers are fabulous - and will respond well to any queries.  They maintain a useful Facebook page as well as the main website.
    • You can track your progress.
    • Pretty flat.
    • On the summer route, you can take your dog.
    • Pacemakers operate on some weeks - a great way to beat a time barrier.
    • Because it starts at 9am, it doesn't cut into your weekend too badly.
  • Any downsides?
    • It can be muddy - trail shoes will help, especially in winter.
    • The course always involves laps
    • Try to get there at least 5-10mins before the start.
If you're a little nervous about the first time, volunteer to help out.  This will give you the chance to see what's going on & meet some of the runners and organisers without the additional pressure of actually running!  You can volunteer any week, but SRS are providing lots of volunteers on 18th Feb.

Alternatively, mention you'd like to give it a go on Mon/Tue at the training session & I'll see if I can rustle up a running buddy for you.

Runs in Eastleigh 23rd & 24th Jan

Please can you all ensure that you have joined/renewed membership?  It is only £15 per annum - a fraction of most gym's monthly fees - so cost shouldn't be a barrier!  I'm never going to ask to see membership cards, but if you are running with us, you need to be a member or our insurance isn't valid.  Click here to find out how.... 

Congratulations to Claire D who did her 50th parkrun at the weekend - an incredible achievement!  She joins Karen D as our 50 parkrun stars.

Mon 7pm, 7.37km in 47:18, 608 calories
Mon 8pm 6.84km in 49:40, 538 calories
Tue 7pm 5.61km in 44:26, 389 calories
Tue 8pm  3.87km in 36:12, 227 calories

Beginners Week 4

  • Warm up
  • Run for 3 mins, walk for 1 min until you get to 13 mins
  • Run for 4 mins, walk for 1 min until you get to 37 mins
  • Cool Down
  • Stretch

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Eastleigh Runs last week - 16th & 17th Jan

Well done to Sian - she broke the 30 minute 5K barrier at parkrun last week and got a new PB this week.  Sarah N also did her first parkrun in under 30mins.  Karen H & Valerie both took part for the first time.
And if you take a look at this link, you'll see a red 50 by Karen B's name - she's notched up an incredible 50 parkruns!  Claire D is at 49, so will soon be joining the 50 club.
We are so lucky to have this free, weekly, very well organised event on our doorstep.

Many congratulations to Lizzie who has given birth (finally!) to Isabelle.  Who knows, in 18 years, perhaps Isabelle will joins SRS?!

Little bit of drama with the Tuesday 7pm run where we managed to get split up - all worked out in the wash though!  The SRS AGM took place on Wed & I was chuffed to see Helen & Sarah F there.

Last Week's Eastleigh Runs

  • Mon 7pm  7.18km in 46:55 mins, 593 calories
  • Mon 8pm  5.46km in 43:42 mins, 374 calories
  • Tue 7pm  6.02km in 42:39 mins, 479 calories
  • Tue 8pm  3.86km in 36:51mins, 234 calories

This week's beginners will be:

  • Warming up
  • Running!
    • Run for 2 mins
    • Walk for 1
    • Repeat until you get to 12 mins
    • Run for 3 mins
    • Walk for 1
    • Repeat until you get to 36 mins
  • Cooling down
  • Stretching

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Runs w/c 9th Jan

Welcome to the new beginners!  You all did fabulously on Tuesday & it was great to be able to put faces to email addresses..... and particularly good to see Alexa & Sue back.
More well dones - to Louise H-W, Clare W & Jo who all ran in the Stubbington 10K.

It's the AGM this week on Wednesday - I'll be there & I hope a few others from Eastleigh will be too!

Mon 7pm 7.22km in 49:18, 595 calories
Mon 8pm  4.2/6km in 36:20, 247 calories
Tue 7pm  5/5.5/6km in 42:53, 283 calories
Tue 8pm 3.1km in 31:41, 173 calories

Beginners this week will be....

  • Warming up
  • Running for 1 minute & walking 1 minute until 15 minutes.
  • Running for 2 minutes & walking 1 minute until 34 minutes.
  • Cool Down
  • Stretching

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Runs w/c 2nd Jan

Apologies for the chaos on routes last week.  Monday's runners got to choose their own (kind of), taking turns to decide which way to go at the junctions.  Tuesday went a bit wrong - I really wasn't intending for the speedier runners to do 8K & we didn't finish until 8:15.....
My new New Year resolution is to prepare more conscientiously - especially as the beginners start on Tuesday 10th!

Louise, Jennifer & I joined Dawn, Tanya, Catherine, Pat, Gillian and Hilary as marshals for today's CC6.  The next one is on 19th Feb & is in the New Forest again at Bolderwood (and it's stunning around there!).

Jennifer has a big batch of kit now - including SRS reflective bibs for £5 - and will be selling it at the AGM on 18th Jan.  Let her know if you'd like some but can't make it to the AGM.

Last week's runs:

  • Mon 7pm  6.52km in 44:34 529 calories
  • Mon 8pm 5.30km in 43:19 355 calories
  • Tue 8pm  7.07km in 60:05 471 calories