Tuesday, 28 July 2009

More on drinking

Interesting article today in the Guardian by Sam Murphy (who is a fitness guru and a WRN leader) on sports drinks - including a recipe for making your own.


Monday, 27 July 2009

Monday 27th - how far & how fast

I've finally sorted out linking my Garmin Forerunner to my laptop as opposed to my very slow PC!
So, results for tonight's runs - bear in mind that this only shows how far/fast I was runnning and that calories are based on my weight/age etc.
  • Standard: 5.00km in 34:18. Ascent was 441m, average speed 8.7kph, 392 calories
  • Beginners: 4.43km in 37:40. Ascent was 100m, average speed was 7.1kph, 287 calories

I really enjoyed tonight's runs - well done to you all!


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Beginners Programme Week 5

Monday's programme:
4 mins running/ 1 min walk up to 11 mins then 5 mins run/ 1 min walk up to 34 minutes.

This is actually the same amount of running as last week (29 mins) but with fewer walking breaks. You're more than welcome to take more breaks if necessary.

Monday, 20 July 2009


The Cancer Research 10K we were discussing tonight is on 11th October at Beaulieu. It's not a difficult course - but there is quite a bit of grass and off road (we can train for that!). It's also not the cheapest of events - but the fee does include a t-shirt. I'm happy to give it a go if anyone else is.

An alternative is the Hursley 10k and 5K - both on Sunday 27th September. As well as being closer and cheaper to enter, this does have the benefit of flexibility in sponsorship - we can choose our own charity (or charities). Any views???

I'm happy to add Just Giving links to this blog btw in order to help boost your fundraising for these or any other races.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Beginners programme week 4

36 mins in total this week:
Run 3 mins, walking break - up until the walking break at 13 mins
Run 4 mins, walking break - up until we get to 36 mins

This will take our total running time up to 29 minutes (it was 26 last week). Don't forget that you can take more walking breaks if you need to.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

New Intermediate Sessions

As of Monday & Tuesday (20th & 21st), there will be 3 weekly training sessions, all from the Hub:
  • Mondays 7pm Standard Training Session
  • Mondays 8pm Beginners Programme (Week 4 of 10 weeks on Monday)
  • Tuesdays 7pm Intermediate Training Session

Standard Training Sessions on Mondays will suit those who are happy running a 5K in 35 minutes or less. We'll run 5-8km and sessions will include speed and strength work.

Intermediate Training Sessions on Tuesdays will suit those who can run for 30mins without taking a break. Although "Intermediate", they are also likely to appeal to experienced runners who prefer a gentler pace and to beginners who are finding that their progress is more rapid than they originally anticipated. Primary objective is to provide a bridge between the Beginners Programme and Standard sessions.

I'm happy to review which session is when once the Beginners complete their programme in 7 weeks time - let me have your feedback!

I'm positive that the Intermediate sessions will help to give more choice to members and will enable me to help you to achieve your individual running objectives.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New South East Area Organiser

Brian Corbett joined us for last night’s runs. He’s the new South East Area Organiser for WRN and also for the new Run in England project. I really appreciated his input (and I think LC, KB and DG all did too) – especially as he had to drive home to Cambridge afterwards. We should have made him run in a skirt though!

Some things that are in the pipeline:

1. Brian’s been initiating discussions that may lead to more local groups. Fareham is looking like a possibility which would be great for some members as an alternative/addition to Eastleigh WRN (your membership would cover both groups). If it does happen, I’ll be asking nicely if the new group has an evening that’s not Monday for its runs!

2. Improvements to the WRN website. Brian seemed to keen to have a look at our blog.

3. Training for new organisers has been reviewed. It’s now a one day course plus a first aid course. If anybody would like to do the training, please let me know as the group will fund you to do so.

4. I did raise the thorny issue of membership renewal dates as I know that it can be galling for those who join after March to enjoy fewer months of membership but at the same price level…

We all ran really well last night – hope nobody’s aching too much today.


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Beginners programme week 3

I will tailor this if required - and more walk breaks can be taken.

Warm Up
0-2 mins Run
2-3 mins Walk
Repeat until we get to 13 mins
13-16 mins Run
16-17 mins Walk
Repeat until we get to 35 mins
Cool Down
Stretching - all we've done so far plus a new strap muscle stretch

Homework will be to repeat Monday's session at least once, ideally twice.

See you on Monday!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A bit more about….. water

One of my (many!) bad habits is not drinking enough liquid before exercising. I've noticed that if I do make a conscous effort to drink more, my running is much easier and my stamina seems to improve.

Before you run
Try to ensure that you drink water during the 2 hours before you run – sipping water whilst at your desk is a good option.
Don’t gulp down vast quantities just before running – this can make your run more uncomfortable!

Carrying water whilst you run
For runs of less than 45mins- 1 hour, you won’t normally need to carry water with you whilst you run. I do only because it’s part of what a coach is expected to carry!

However, many people like to have water to hand – it can help to give a boost when you are feeling overheated or tired.
There are neat oval ring shaped water bottles that are designed to be held easily. There are also waist packs designed to hold water bottles and hydration packs (waist or rucksack types) with a plastic water store.
Practise & see what suits you.

For races of over 5K, there's often a water station. Drinking from a plastic cup whilst running is an acquired skill - and not one that I've mastered. Use it as an opportunity for a minute's walking break to ensure that you take on the water.

After running
Drink something soon afterwards - this is really important for rehydration and can help to prevent post run headaches and muscle cramps. Again, try to sip as opposed to gulping. It's an idea to keep a bottle in your car for after our Monday eveing runs. Insulated aluminium bottles will help to keep it at a pleasant temperature.

What to drink
Tap water is the simplest, cheapest and greenest option!

Sports drinks have been designed to aid performance and recovery, but are usually not calorie free and can be expensive. To make your own, dilute 1 part squash with 9 parts water and add a very small amount of salt. If you do want to try off-the-shelf sports drinks, look into the powdered versions that you make up with water as these can work out cheaper.

Tea and coffee have been much maligned for years but recently, opinion seems to be turning back in their favour! Caffeine is a diuretic, but the amount of water that it’s diluted with in tea and coffee is now considered to more than compensate – so yes, both can be hydrating. Caffeine before you run has been shown to boost performance and tea contains lovely antioxidants.

Finally, clean your water bottle afterwards - especially if you are filling it with anything other than water.


Sunday, 5 July 2009

Beginners Programme - Monday 6th July

Monday’s Training Session
  • Warm up: brisk walking
  • First 10 mins:1 minute walking / 1 minutes jogging – repeated over 10 minutes
  • Second 20 mins: 1 minute walking / 2 minutes jogging – repeated over 20 minutes
  • Cool down: brisk walking, letting your legs ease back to normal.
  • Stretching: calf, hamstring, quads, shoulders


  • Repeat Monday’s training session at least once this week. If 2 minutes of running is too tough, take it down to week 1’s schedule.
  • Can you still talk whilst you are running? If not, slow down!
  • If you have any major aches or pains, don’t run – just stick to walking or rest & we’ll discuss on Monday.
  • Again, try and fit in at least 1 session of other activity this week too.

See you on Monday!