Friday, 23 September 2011

Runs 19th & 20th September

I wasn't running this week - a very minor cold has migrated to my lungs, so I was on the bike.  Mixed weather - but only the Beginners got wet!

Apologies, but I will have to reschedule the 10 mile test run I had planned for Friday 30th due to a work thing, but will send out revised invites soon.

There's a Yoga for Runners workshop in Brockenhurst on 19th November that I am very tempted to sign up for.  Yoga compliments running brilliantly, helping to build strength and flexibility - and the tutor for this is a keen runner so it should be very relevant.
  • Monday 7pm 7.18km in 44:08, 575 calories
  • Monday 8pm 6.09km in 42;54, 478 calories
  • Tuesday 7pm 5.44km in 40:23, 430 calories
  • Tuesday 8pm 4.31km in 36:24, 278 calories
Beginners Programme Week 4
  • Warm up
  • The Run Bit:
    • Jog for 3 minutes
    • Walk for 1 minute
    • Repeat until you get to 13 minutes
    • Jog for 4 minutes
    • Walk for 1 minute
    • Repeat until you get to 37 minutes
  • Cool Down
  • Stretch

Monday, 19 September 2011

Speedy Bunnies!

Just looked up Kelly B & Zoe's times in the Great North - 2:05:05 for Kelly & 2:49 for Zoe - really impressive performance in the world's largest half marathon!
And more locally, Claire D's now got a PB of 25:32 for the 5K ParkRun.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Last Week's Runs (a bit less late!)

Another beginner and we welcomed back Patricia & Eve after a little bit of a break.  

Great South Test Runs
I'm doing a Great South Test Run on Friday 30th at 7pm from my house.  All welcome as it will be outside of our normal runs!  I might be cycling depending on how my legs recover from Run to the Beat though!  This one is aimed at those who will be running the whole route.  Allow about 2 hours including a cup of tea afterwards.

On Saturday 1st October (depending on discussion with Husband) at 9am, I'll do a second Great South Test Run, but this time aimed at those of you who plan to run/walk the route - and we will do a structured run walk.  Allow about 2.5 hours including a cup of tea afterwards.

Both of these test runs are aimed at building your confidence as much as anything else!  Let me know if you plan to do either & I will give you my address & ensure we don't leave without you.

Last Week's Runs:

  • Monday 7pm       6.02km in 41:02 489 calories
  • Monday 8pm       5.30km in 44:29  338 calories
  • Tuesday 7pm      5.05km in 43:18  308 calories
  • Tuesday 8pm      4.00km in 35:38  249 calories

Beginners Week 3

  • Warm up
  • The running bit:
    • Jog for 2 minutes
    • Walk for 1 minute
    • Repeat until you get to 12 minutes
    • Jog for 3 minutes
    • Walk for 1 minute
    • Repeat until you get to 36 minutes
  • Cool Down
  • Stretch

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Last Week's Runs - better late than never (but bettter not late...)

Apologies – this is definitely late!

Welcome to the new beginners – 8 of you last week with a few more possibly due tonight. You’ll see tonight’s run outlined at the bottom of this blog post.


Many congratulations to recent Fast Track Beginner Graduates Sian & Karen – both of whom did 5K last week (in fact, Sian did 5.5K!). Amazingly, we stayed dry on all the runs despite very mixed up weather.

Reflectives are now required for all 8pm runs – and are advised for 7pm runs too. I have some spares if required.

I will do the maths & do an updated on our running around the world challenge soon – apologies for being so behind on everything.
  • Monday 7pm 6.79km 44:53 561 calories
  • Monday 8pm 5.00km 43:55 274 calories
  • Tuesday 7pm 6.00km 45:10 437 calories
  • Tuesday 8pm 3.34km 30mins 213 calories
Do bear in mind that the GPS is on my wrist – it doesn’t record all the options. For example, Tuesday 7pm group did 5km, 5.5km and 6km depending on which they chose with about 150-200m to add on for each loop back.

Beginners Week 2

  • Warm up
  • The Run:
    • Jog 1 minut
    • Walk 1 minute
    • Repeat until we get to 15 minute
    • Jog 2 minute
    • Walk 1 minute
    • Repeat until we get to 34 minutes
  • Cool Down
  • Stretching