Monday, 29 June 2009

New times, new beginners

Congratulations beginners - you all did brilliantly tonight & it was great to meet you all - not least because it meant that I could match faces to names!

L & I both managed to trip over tonight & I have a little scab on my knee to show for it. Hoping L's knee isn't too painful - it was looking worse than mine - I don't think that any of the intermediates/standard group will be surprised that L scooped herself up & started running again straight away! We won't be running on the river path next week - it's a bit too crowded on a sunny evening, the nettles are high enough to catch our arms and I'm not keen on cow herding. We did see a deer though.

Instead, we'll head into the woods. I am working on tailoring the 7pm sessions for a mixed ability group, so please don't worry about being too speedy/too slow.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Back in the UK!

Running tonight (Thursday 25th) is on!

7pm at the Hub - all levels.

Don't forget that the times change as of Monday 29th June:

7pm - standard group - includes intermediates
8pm - new beginners group - which is now over subscribed if all show up!

I did manage to run on holiday - only once though. There were some great routes in Vancouver & I really enjoyed a jog along the coast & through Stanley Park - fab views, not too hilly, and a great thing to do following waking up at 6am due to a completely messed up body clock! Running seems to be much more popular with women than with men there (who seem to favour in line skating).

Friday, 5 June 2009

Congrats to D

Congrats to D - 5km in a very creditable 37:33 last night! I'm about to go off on hols - see you all in a couple of weeks.