Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The full 10 miles

If you fancy a rehearsal for the Great South, we'll be running 10 miles from the Hub at 9am on Saturday. If parking's difficult, try Church Road (just up the hill from the Anglers) and walk to the hub via the river. It'll be a flattish route.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

This week's runs - 27th & 28th September

Blogging early for once! It's been kind of drizzly for this week's runs. I think the Advanced group have got (even) fitter over the summer - Monday's ascent of the big hill in Bishopstoke was easier than we remembered! 2 good sociable runs in Eastleigh with the Improvers and the Beginners are up to 4 minutes.

Don't forget that WRN subs go up on the 1st October. Do join online or get your application in the post as soon as you can if you want to beat the £5 price rise (now £25 per annum). You do need to be a member to run with Eastleigh WRN.

This week's topic for the Beginners was nutrition. I've attached a link to an interesting Guardian article - on first glance, it seems to claim that exercise won't help you lose weight. However, on a slower read, I've decided that it's a good homily on the dangers of over compensating for exercise with food. More of a risk after an intensive session!

Monday 7pm 5.00km in 36:28 401 calories
Monday 8pm 5.81km in 41:21 470 calories
Tuesday 7pm 5.43km in 40:09 429 calories
Tuesday 8pm 3.88km in 36:09 210 calories

Next week, the beginners' session will be:

§ Warm up

§ Jog for 4 minutes

§ Walk for 1 minute

§ Repeat until you get to 15 minutes

§ Jog for 5 minutes

§ Walk for 1 minute

§ Repeat until you get to 39 minutes

§ Cool Down

§ Stretch

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

This week's runs - 20th, 21st and 23rd Sept

If you haven't joined WRN yet - or if your membership is due for renewal, please bear in mind that WRN are putting up the annual membership fee from £20 to £25 - so join/rejoin before the end of this month to avoid an extra £5!

I really enjoyed Tuesday's 7pm run - Claire, Kerry and I squeezed every last bit of daylight for a run in the woods, finishing up along the road as twilight descended. Well done to Anna - who did a sub 35 minute 5km on Monday on only her second run with the group after a break from running.

We did a longer run on Thursday - many members are working up to the 10 mile/ 16km Great South Run next month. I think all of us doing the longer run had aching legs at the end, but we seem to be on track for 10 miles soon.

Mon 7pm 7.13km in 46:56 586 calories
Mon 8pm 5.00km in 34:12 415 calories and 6.00km in 41:00 est 498 calories
Tue 7pm 6.31km in 44:34 511 calories
Tue 8pm 4.17km in 40:53 243 calories
Thu 7pm 10.33km in 71:11 est 815 calories and 14.01 in 96:20 1142 calories

Beginners next week are moving up to 4 minutes:
Warm up
Run 3 mins, walk 1 min up to 13 mins. Then it's run 4 mins, walk 1 min up to 37 mins.
Cool down, stretching
I have put a collation of the full beginners programme complete with handouts that you should be able to download here as a pdf.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Friday, 17 September 2010

This week's runs - 13th & 14th Sept

It was a little damp on Tuesday - so I figure all who made it to running have extra shiny haloes! We do go out in most weathers - only exception is snow & ice. A lightweight waterproof is useful - look for breathable fabric & vents.

Mon 7pm 5.73km in 41:12 455 calories
Mon 8pm 5.00km in 38:08 378 calories
Tue 7pm 5.82km in 41:42 472 calories
Tue 8pm 3.72km in 34:32 220 calories

Next week's beginners programme - week 3:
Jog for 2 mins, walk for 1 min until 12 minutes
Jog for 3 mins, walk for 1 min until 36 minutes

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Price Hike

WRN membership is going up in price by £5 per annum from October to £25. If you are taking out membership, do so before then!

Total costs are £20 (becoming £25) for WRN membership and then either £2 per session for beginners and occasional runners or £10 per annum for frequent runners. The £2/£10 goes towards running the Eastleigh Group - training fees for leaders, reflective vests, printing etc.

Let me have you membership forms by 21st October to beat the price hike! You can also post the membership application yourselves - address is at the bottom of the forms. Group is "Eastleigh", leader is me, venue is "Eastleigh" and our region is "South East". Affiliation gives you discount off some race entries - but not all (e.g. excludes Race for Life and Cancer Research 10K).

Form for new members is here.
Form for renewal is here.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Running wc 5th September

Sorry to be blogging so late - I've been working away this weekend without much computer access and didn't have my Garmin with me for reference. Anyway, enough feeble excuses!
Those of you running on Tuesday - do remember that we ran different distances, but all arrived back at the Hub at roughly the same time.

Tue 7pm 5.27km in 40:59, 369 calories
Tue 8pm 3.13km in 30:13, 180 calories

Beginners next week:
Warm up
Jog for one minute, walk for one minute, up to 15 minutes
Jog for two minutes, walk for one minute, up to 34 minutes
Cool Down

Saturday, 4 September 2010

This week's runs - 30th and 31st August

No running on Monday 6th September as I'm doing my ridiculous bike ride - but there's a normal session at 7pm on Tuesday 7th, followed by the next Beginners' Programme (whoop whoop). Well done to those of you who came out on BH Monday this week.

Mon 7pm 5.55km 41:19 438 calories
Mon 8pm 7.18km 50:02 585 calories
Tue 7pm 6.00km 42:19 396 calories

From Monday 13th, I'm going to be doing more to make the Improvers groups better for mixed abilities - they will cater both for experienced runners as well as those returning to running after a break. I would love your feedback as we try this - it's really important to me that everyone enjoys our running!