Thursday, 29 October 2009

This week's runs - 26th & 27th Oct

This week's times etc:
Monday 7pm: 5.36km 44:18 364 calories
Tuesday 7pm: 5.36km 49:48 293 calories
Tuesday 8pm: 4.16km 38:50 248 calories

We have a special guest on Tuesday - the new WRN County Organiser Kathryn will be running with us. If you'd like to meet her, come along to the 7pm Tuesday run.

See you soon!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Week 3 of the Beginners Programme

We'll be running with crisps this week - it's all to do with posture (honest!).

Warm up
Run 2 mins, walk 1 min for first 13 mins
Run 3 mins, walk 1 min for next 22 mins
Cool down

See you on Tuesday.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Times for this week

Monday's 7pm run isn't happening next week (26th Oct) as the group have decided to give me a mini break post Great South Run!
So it will be:
Mon 26th: Standard 8pm
Tue 27th: Standard 7pm
Tue 27th: Beginners 8pm

And a bit more housekeeping - with the number of members we now have, using only initials for people on this blog is getting a little messy - so I have been using first names instead. If you would rather I used your initials (or a nom de blog!), let me know.

Times etc from last week - again, bear in mind that my gizmo was on my wrist...

Monday 19th:
Advanced: 6.05km, 40mins 32secs 491 calories
Standard: 5km, 37mins 14secs 368 calories

Tuesday 20th:
Standard: 4.5km, 33mins 6 secs 361 calories
Beginners: 4km, 36mins 36secs 243 calories

See you on Mon/Tue - and some of you at the Great South... forecast is looking good!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Beginners Week 2

This week's schedule...

Warm up

First 10mins: 1 minute walking / 1 minutes jogging – repeated over 10 minutes
Second 20mins: 1 minute walking / 2 minutes jogging – repeated over 20 minutes
Cool Down

See you on Tuesday!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Times and Look Good naked

Channel 4 Tuesday 20th - North Devon WRN members are on How to Look Good Naked! Definitely worth viewing (although Beginners will need to record it).

Anyway, times for last week. Normal caveats apply - the GPS was on my wrist so add about 100-200m per loop back if you did more than me and calorie count is based on my weight and speed.
  • Monday 7pm - 6.76km in 45:17, 554 calories
  • Monday 8pm - 5.33km in 45:40, 314 calories
  • Tuesday 7pm - 5.02km in 45:06, 299 calories
  • Tuesday 8pm - 3.30km in 29:36, 212 calories

Monday, 12 October 2009

New Beginners Programme - Week 1

I post up the schedule for the beginners before we run - this way, if you can't make a session, you should be able to follow the group's progress whenever you can fit a run in.

Tuesday Week 1:
  • Warm up
  • Run 1min/Walk 1min repeated over 30 minutes
  • Cool Down
  • Stretching (calves, hamstrings, quads, shoulders)
Homework (if new to exercise):
  • Repeat Tuesday's session once. Remember to control your pace - keep it gentle.
  • If you can fit it in, one session of non running exercise (e.g. bike ride, walking, swimming) - this will bring you to 3 exercise sessions for the week.

Homework (if new to running but not to exercise):

  • Repeat Tuesday's session once. Remember to control your pace - keep it gentle.
  • Aim for 3 sessions of non running exercise (e.g. bike ride, aerobics class, swimming) to bring the number of exercise sessions to 5 for the week. Remember that running on the treadmill still counts as running, so if you do go to the gym, choose other exercises.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Late - sorry!

Last week's running included Karen's first 10K - congratulations!

Monday 7pm - 10km in 66:44

Monday 8pm - only Claire this week and we did our first non-bridge hill. 5km in 39:41.

Back to normal on the times this week - so Tuesday 7pm is on. New beginners group is now full & starts at 8pm on Tue - looking forward to meeting the new runners!


Friday, 2 October 2009


Karen's spotted that Tchibo are doing runnng kit again from Wednesday. Not the first place you might think of for sports kit - but I've been quite impressed with price/quality of their sports clothing. Click here to view...
If you are shopping in Eastleigh, don't forget that your membership gives you discount at Just Run and Up & Running.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Many congratulations!

Well done to Pauline, Kellie and Lisa - all took part in the Hursley cross country event at the weekend. I've heard that Pauline & Kellie completed the 10K really well - and Lisa finished the 5k with aplomb.

Well done to Louise on her first 5k on Tuesday - and to Julie for a PB 5K last Tuesday.

So impressed!

Anyway, times etc for this week:
  • Monday Advanced: 6.19km in 42:29
  • Monday Standard: 5km in 37:39
  • Tuesday Standard: 5.19km in 43:27