Saturday, 29 May 2010

Summer Solstice 8K

The Wessex Autistic Society are organising an 8K run at Moors Valley Country Park (near Three Legged Cross near Ringwood) on Friday 18th June at 7pm. As this is a nice distance, attractive location and a good cause, Eastleigh WRN will support any of you who'd like to do this race as part of a team of 4 (i.e. will pay for race entry).

Jess, Anita, Cari and me have already expressed interest - let me know if you'd like to join us.

This week's runs - 24th & 25th May

Discovery of the week is that Helena is confident around cows - has even milked 'em! Given that we've had a few runs disrupted by lively bullocks, this gives me hope for the future....

Monday 7pm 6.12K in 40:52, 496 calories
Monday 8pm 5.01K in 39:40, 355 calories
Tuesday 7pm 5.75K in 42:53, 457 calories
Tuesday 8pm 4.05K in 32:09, 295 calories

Beginners next week have just 1 walk break at 15 minutes and total session time is 31 minutes - so close to the 30 minute non stop goal now.

Yes, we are running on Bank Holiday Monday!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Recent Runs & News

I've been tardy on the blog front recently - apologies - so here's some catching up:

First, some news. Our first wedding has taken place - congratulations to Kerry! And our second baby has arrived - congratulations to Caroline & welcome to the world Susie!

Parkrun is now in Eastleigh - this is a great scheme of weekly timed 5k runs. It's every Saturday at 9am at Lakeside Country Park. It's free to enter, but you need to pre register on their website (free too). It's a great opportunity for benchmarking your runs & to work on your speed. If you would like some company for your first attempt, I'm planning to give it a go on Saturday 29th May. There's even the option for a pre run swim in the lake (may give that bit a miss!).

10th May Monday 7pm 6.16km in 45:50, 488 calories
10th May Monday 8pm 3.91km in 36:11, 223 calories

18th May Tuesday 7pm 6.01km in 43:20, 481 calories
18th May Tuesday 8pm Beginners: 4.01km in 33:03, 269 calories

Next week, the beginners will be doing 32 minutes with 2 walking breaks.

Monday, 17 May 2010

No running tonight (Monday)

I am not un-cancelling running tonight, but Tuesday's runs will go
ahead as planned.
Most of you know that my plans to sail in Portugal were sunk by the
ash cloud so I've had a few days in Cornwall instead. I have some bits
and pieces to sort tonight so apologies, but I am not running.
Back to normal next week!

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Monday, 3 May 2010

Tip for the week - breathing

Most of the time, I wouldn't think very much about breathing when
running. It's when I am tired that it starts to matter.

Try pushing out your breaths harder. This means that your lungs will
take in more air on the inwards breath automatically.

Do breathe through mouth and nose when feeling in need of oxygen - not
nose alone! And Cari has some great advice on trying to ensure that
you take the breath down to your diaphragm. Place your hands on your
kidneys and you should be able to move them with your breathing in.

I also find my breaths drive my running pace - it can be a fantastic
way of keeping going when you find this happening.