Sunday, 28 March 2010

Results of Eastleigh 10K

Congratulations to all WRN runners today! Karen beat me by 6 seconds at 56:47, Jayne did a storming 57:47, Kirsty did 58:18, Pauline and Clare came in together at 65:50 and 65:51 and Angela finished in 71:17. Fantastic!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Monday's 7pm run is cancelled this week

Sorry, but I'm cancelling this Monday's (29th) 7pm run. I have a work commitment and many of the regulars are doing the Eastleigh 10K on the 28th.
The 8pm Monday session will take place as usual.

Tip for the week - Race Objectives

Races can be a fantastic way to focus and motivate us. However, do ensure that your goal for an event is realistic - you need to ensure that you can achieve it. I was watching Eddie Izzard Marathon Man - and what struck me was that the goal was bonkers (43 marathons with 2 weeks training??). He did keep the bigger goal in mind all the way through - supporting Sport Relief - but I still don't understand how he completed the runs. Hugely inspiring though - he was incredible.

The first time you do a distance in a race (e.g. 5K, 10K), a great goal is to complete it. Focus on that single objective and don't be tempted to add others into the mix - even if sponsors ask. Completing the race will be a fantastic achievement - you don't need any added pressure.

The next time you do that distance, you might want to add in a time target. However, do your research before declaring your goal to friends and/or sponsors! Is it a tougher course than your first one? Can you see a list of previous times (often on the event's website)? Has anyone you run with done the event - and if so, what was their time? How is your training and fitness compared to when you did your first race? A good goal to declare to sponsors is to beat your previous time - without specifying by how much! A good goal to hold in your mind is your best training time - try to match/beat it on race day.

Finally, recognise that there are other factors that may influence your ability to achieve your goal. A chest infection or an injury can set training back. Have you got the time to actually do the training required to meet your objective? If problems happen, it can help to think back to the conversations you've had with friends or family - how many times have you heard "3 miles??? I couldn't run 1....". Completing any event is a really impressive achievement.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Beginner Programme Graduates

January's beginner programme came to an end tonight and I'm pleased to report that Vanessa graduated in style - even adding a bonus minute onto the run at the end.
Patricia completed the Sports Relief 3 miles in a more-than-respectable 37mins! Jess did the 6 mile version in an impressive 68 mins. I'm hoping to catch up with Pauline about her run at the weekend.

This week's runs:
Monday 7pm 6.08km in 37:07 505 calories
Monday 8pm 6.09km in 43:35 499 calories
Tuesday 8pm 3.45km in 31:00 185 calories

The new Beginners Programme starts on Tuesday - do feel free to point any interested people in my direction! There are 2 levels - absolute beginners at 8pm and re-runners (combined with improvers) at 7pm.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Tip for the week - Blisters

If you are unlucky enough to get a blister, using a Compeed plaster (or any of the more economical own label equivalents) can help the plaster to heal quicker than leaving it alone. And don't be tempted to pop blisters!
Do try to work out why you got the blister - my most common reason is wearing unsuitable socks (e.g. trainer liners that have a top edge that interacts painfully with the top of my trainers). Experiment with socks to see what works for you.
Another reason can be that your trainers are worn, - or are simply not right for your foot shape or gait.

If you tend to get blisters in the same spot and don't want to get new trainers, try applying a larger plaster strip on the vulnerable patch before you run. I find that the wide fabric strips good for staying put and not wearing through as you run (which I have found with Compeeds when used this way) - and not too expensive!

The week's running

Good luck to Jess, Pauline, Kelly and Patricia - and anyone else taking part in the Sport Relief runs this weekend!

Monday 7pm 5.30km in 34:17 434 calories
Monday 8pm 6.18km in 51:18 380 calories
Tuesday 7pm 5.00km in 46:18 270 calories
Tuesday 8pm 3.46km in 31:03 184 calories

It's week 10 for the Beginners on Tuesday - 30 minutes non stop!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Leader Course - 11th April

If you fancy spending a day learning how to lead a running group, Eastleigh WRN will cover your costs. The next local course is on Sunday 11th April at the Holiday Inn in Eastleigh.
I'd love there to be more Leaders - even if you'd rather do it simply to provide back up rather than to lead your own sessions. There is no obligation to turn up more often if you do decide to do the training!

Let me know if you are tempted.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Tip for the week - sports bras

An essential piece of kit for all female runners! Research done a couple of years ago at Portsmouth Uni demonstrated just how much "displacement" (great phrase) occurs while running - and that applies as much to smaller busts as to those who are more endowed. Choose a bra that's designed for high impact activity and that feels comfortable and supportive when you run. There are many providers including M&S, Less Bounce (WRN discount here), Bravissimo and Figleaves. Shock Absorber is probably the most recognised brand, but there are many others, including those catering for larger busts.
And sports bras do wear out! I've read 6 months - admittedly from those trying to sell them. Try to be aware of how supportive your bra is - if it's no longer doing its job, change it. Chafing also indicates wear.
Finally, if you have lost weight, check that your sports bra still fits - you may have changed bra size and it is crucial that your sports bra fits perfectly so that it is effective.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

This week's runs 8th-10th March

Cold, but dry running this week. The 8pm Monday group took on a hill session with gusto - and it was great to meet a new Beginner on Tuesday. Sadly, the 7pm Tuesday session didn't happen, but I'm hoping to get this session more established soon.

7pm Monday 5.00km in 32:34, 414 calories
8pm Monday 5.28km in 42:49. 346 calories
8pm Tuesday 3.73km in 32:53, 206 calories
10K run on Wednesday 10km in 75:47

The beginners session on Tuesday will be 31minutes with 1 scheduled walking break (week 9!).


Sunday, 7 March 2010

10k run on Wednesday - time change

The 10K run on Wednesday will start at 7:30pm as I'm double booked! Still starts from Fleming Park.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Tip for the week - Body Check

When running, it's worth doing a top down body check now & again to check posture & form:
  • Where am I looking? If I've been staring at the floor, I need to switch to looking ahead.
  • Am I running tall? Try to lift my head and spine so that I am.
  • Are my hands clenched? Loosen them to loosen arms and shoulders for better posture.
  • Am I bringing my hands & arms across my body? If so, bring them to the sides.
  • How are my hips? I need to kind of sit into them (easier to do than explain!).
  • How's my stride? Are my feet scraping the floor mid stride? If so, lifting my heels a little will lift my stride with little effort.
  • Are my toes clenched? Normally yes for me - try to relax my toes and feet.
Don't worry if you forget it all - every bit of improvement will help. And you can always add in anything else you've found useful.
This tip is from Sam Murphy's book "Run for Life". Body checks are great to do when I am starting to flag as the process brings my focus back. And it's when I'm tired that my posture and form normally goes to pot!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Felicitations - a fine first 5K

Congratulations to Patricia for completing her first 5K - an impressive feat as she took up running in mid January!
This week's runs included another 10K - a more challenging route around Fair Oak and I was pleasantly surprised that we completed it in the same time as the easier Eastleigh 10K route. We will be back at Fleming Park next Wed (10th) at 7pm for another go at the race route.
The advanced group will start at 7pm as per usual on Monday.

Monday 6:30pm 10.00km in 70:46, 818 calories (data from Garmin)
Monday 8pm 5.00km in 40:01, 327 calories (data from Garmin)
Tuesday 8pm 3.61km in 33:14, 235 calories (data from iphone)

The Tuesday 7pm run hasn't been happening of late as the group's regulars have all been out of action. It is still available however (i.e. I'm there at 7pm ready to run!). It tends to be a slightly easier pace than the Monday 8pm group - do feel free to try this session especially if you want to ease back in gently after a break from running.

On Tuesday, the beginners programme has just 2 walking breaks at 10mins and 21mins, session time will be 32 minutes.

Pink band amnesty!

I seem to only have 2 of the pink reflective bands left! Please can you return any that you have - doesn't matter how long ago!

There will be another 10K training run on Wed 10th March from FLEMING PARK at 7:30pm. We'll be doing the Eastleigh 10K route again - all speeds welcome.

Sport Relief Mile - the Southampton events take place on Sunday 21st March and you can choose to run 1 mile, 3 miles or 6 miles. 1 & 3 milers start at 12:00 and 6 milers start at 11am. Pauline, Jess and Patricia are all thinking of taking part. Check out the website for more details.