Sunday, 31 January 2010

27th & 28th Jan runs and this week's beginners

Some great runs this week. Lucie achieved what I think was one of her speediest 5K times and I know that some of the Monday 8pm group were digging hard at the nasty halfway hill on the Bishopstoke main road route, and for some, it was their first 6k. Beginners did 2min runs - it's actually one of the biggest step changes in running times, doubling the running from week 1, so well done!

Monday 7pm 6.06km in 36:42, 500 calories
Monday 8pm 6.06km in 47:15, 421 calories
Tuesday 7pm 5.57km in 41:03, 403 calories
Tuesday 8pm 3.46km in 30:02, 226 calories

Beginners programme this week will be 2min jog/1min walk for first 13mins and then 3min jog, 1 min walk for 22mins - 35 mins in total.


Saturday, 23 January 2010

First runs in 2010

We finally got to run! And I got to meet the new Beginners - as well as some familiar faces. Monday's 7pm run was more eventful than hoped as we diverted to avoid an idiot bloke. Many thanks to both 7pm groups for tolerating me shooting off to greet the 8pm groups.

Congratulations to Sonia for completing her first 5K run - great achievement.

You might find this linked article about a Chinese Marathon entertaining - just hope you're not inspired by it!

Anyway, distances & times based on the forerunner on my wrist - add some distance if you looped back (approx 100m every time). Calorie count is based on my body weight!
  • Monday 7pm 7.19km in 47:30, I used 594 calories
  • Tuesday 8pm 5.04km in 40:01, I used 343 calories
  • Monday 7pm 5.34km in 46:27, I used 303 calories
  • Tuesday 8pm 3.29km in 30:05, I used 205 calories
The Beginners will be running 1 minute, walking 1 minute for the first 10 mins then running 2mins walking 1 min for 20 minutes.

See you on Monday/Tuesday!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Good article on starting to run

Fingers crossed we will actually get to run this week!

There's a great article in Runners World this month on starting to run - an overview for beginners. It echoes pretty much the full content of our Beginner Handouts & includes the advice to start slow - and go slower if you are finding it tough going. It is worth a read even if you've been running for a while.

See you on Mon/Tue!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Thaw please....

I feel awful about cancelling the runs this week.
One option for those of you who don't have access to a gym treadmill is to take up a gym's free guest pass or 1 day free membership offer.
Be warned - these are often accompanied by a sales pitch for membership... but hey, you'll get a run!
A quick surf brought up the following available at the moment:


No running tonight (Tues)

Sorry no running tonight - pavements are still too lethal. Beginners will start next week.
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Monday, 11 January 2010

Monday running cancelled

Sorry but the pavements are still too snow and ice covered so running tonight (Mon 11th) is cancelled. Check here again tomorrow 4 Tuesday running update.
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New Run in England Groups

2 new groups starting up this month - you're welcome to run with either. I've added the RiE weblink to the sidebar. WRN members in Hampshire can run with RiE groups in the county too without needing to join RiE.

Sarisbury Green, Holly Hill carpark, Barnes Lane: Mondays 10am Beginners, 11am Standard, both led by Katharine Jones 07540 197908

Lee on Solent, Browndown car park: Mondays 11am Beginners, Sundays 11am Improvers, led by Lisa Mortimer 07752 259448 and Lisa Hennen 07513 567027, . Buggies are welcome!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Running - Pavement Safety Problems

Unless there's a thaw, I'll be cancelling running this week. I will update the blog by 3pm on Mon & Tue with updates on the situation.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

January Running

Hope you all had a great Christmas & New Year! I did go running with Xis on Sunday - along the beach in Pembrokeshire - and subjected her to my rendition of the Chariots of Fire theme tune!

Back to normal next week. The sessions & times are as follows:

Monday 7pm - Advanced
Monday 8pm - Standard
Tuesday 7pm - Standard
Tuesday 8pm - Beginners with a new 10 week programme commencing on 12th Jan.