Thursday, 22 July 2010

This week's runs - 19th and 20th July

Don't forget that I'm not running next week (26th & 27th July) as I will be downing seasickness tablets in Portugal! Back to normal from Monday 2nd August.

Angela's Kilimanjaro challenge sponsorship site is here if you'd like to sponsor her. She's funding the trip herself, so all raised cash goes straight to the charity Aspire. She's been training hard (it's one of the reasons she started running last year) so will appreciate all support.

This week's runs:
Mon 7pm Speed trained 286 calories
Mon 8pm 5.0km in 40:10 336 calories
Tue 7pm 5.1km in 37:09 385 calories

See you on the 2nd or 3rd! I will be all fired up from my running workshop - so enjoy the break....

Friday, 16 July 2010

This week's runs - 12th and 13th July

Angela's big challenge to climb Africa's highest mountain is about a month away. If you'd like to sponsor her, take a look at her fundraising site. She's training hard and it's going to be an amazing challenge.

Well done to Louise who completed her first 10K run on Thursday. I'm sure I remember her telling me in the spring that she wasn't sure she would ever achieve that... I'm really impressed - esp as she was still walking, talking and smiling afterwards. You are fantastic Lou!

Don't forget the Garden Party on Saturday 17th at 3pm - email or txt me if you don't have my address. Scones and pimms. Your partners, buddies and kids are all very welcome.

Anyway, this week's runs:
Monday 7pm 5.61km in 37:43, 465 calories and some mean hills
Monday 8pm 5.00km in 37:19, 392 calories and much nettle dodging
Tuesday 7pm 6.06km in 43:56. 449 calories and Claire's first big hill
Thursday 7pm 10km in 79:54, 710 calories and Lou's first 10K

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A bit more about.... running on holiday

Running on holiday – do you pack your trainers or have a break?

Having a break from running for a week or two won’t result in a drop in performance – you may even benefit for the rest. However, I’ve enjoyed running when on holiday – it can be a great way to see more of an area and to experience a different aspect of your holiday location.

1. Do some research before you go. If you are in the UK, see if there’s a WRN group you could run with or a parkrun. Websites like Map My Run have routes posted by other runners all over the world. Check forums on the Runners World website & other running sites for info and inspiration. If you are planning to run to keep up a training schedule, find out if there’s a treadmill available.

2. Ask around. Resort reps, hotel staff and villa/campsite owners may help to plan routes. They may know other runners or local running groups that can also help you – or who could run with. They will also be able to advise on local risks you may not be used to (e.g. midges, crazy dogs, bears....).

3. Be aware of your personal safety. Ideally, run with somebody else. Do ensure that someone knows where you are going & what time you’ll be back. Assess your route carefully as you run and be prepared to change it or even cut it short if you don’t feel safe. Turn down your iPod so that you can hear what’s going on around you. Carry a charged mobile and have a piece of paper on you with your name & emergency telephone number.

4. Run for the conditions. If you are somewhere warm, avoid running in the heat of the day – go early or late – and ensure that you are hydrated. If it’s hillier than you are used to, take it at an easy pace.

5. Don’t expect a PB! Set a realistic distance target and enjoy the scenery – aim for a run that will be part of the holiday, not a chore.

My favourite holiday run was in Vancouver – along the coast to Stanley Park on a sunny morning with amazing views despite suffering from jet lag! How about you?

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Party & a Longer run

1. Thursday 15th 7pm The Hub - a 10k run
2. Saturday 17th 3pm Garden Party at my house - all welcome as are
partners, buddies and kids.

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