Sunday, 27 November 2011

Runs 22nd and 23rd Nov

Achievement of the week award goes to Jo and Louise who both completed their first 5Ks this week with the group!  And a special award to Claire D who broke her PB again at Parkrun on Saturday.

I've put the details about this year's Mince Pie run on the blog and on Facebook - I believe we will have at least one non-runner plus a few of the Southampton SRS runners joining us on the 18th December.  

Last Week's Runs

  • Mon 7pm 6.52km in 42:49, 544 calories
  • Mon 8pm 5.00km/5.50km/6.00km in 46:52, sorry no calorie count
  • Tue 7pm 5.00km/5.50km/6.00km in 35:30 (and that was Jo's first 5k with us!), 410 calories

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mince Pie Run - It's Back!

By popular demand, we will be having our annual Mince Pie Run on Sunday 18th December 2011.

This is our festive social event which is preceded by a token amount of exercise & fresh air. Catering is (usually!) courtesy of my husband Phil – he’s taken great pride in the past in having all heated & ready for us as soon as we get back inside.

2011’s been a rollercoaster year for us in Eastleigh – some amazing running achievements, the disappointment of the national WRN folding followed by the great welcome we’ve received from Southampton Running Sisters.

All women are very welcome – and if any husbands/partners fancy keeping Phil company, I’m sure he’ll be very grateful!


• A very gentle run (no more than 5K) going through Stoke Park Woods (off road as it will be daylight) followed by mince pies & mulled wine (and non-alcoholic option). We may split into groups if there are plenty of us.

• We have included a walk option in previous years so that those on a break from running can still join in. I hope to do so this year if I can persuade a buddy to lead the walk!

• If the walk option is still too much, come over at 3:30pm instead & skip straight to mince pies.

• Feel free to bring friends – open to all women who like mince pies. Former members are very welcome too.


• My house in Bishopstoke, Eastleigh. I will send the address when you RSVP.


• 2:30pm on Sunday 18th December

How much

• Free!

How to join in

• RSVP to or RSVP to the Facebook event that I will set up shortly.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Last week's runs - and some yoga!

Helen celebrated her birthday on Monday by running and bringing us some rater fabulous low GI brownies - she's already being asked if it can be her birthday next Monday too!

Well done to Louise H-W for taking part in the CC6 last weekend - christening her new trail shoes at Dibden.  The next race in this series is at Janesmoor Pond (north forest, not too far from Fritham) on Sunday 4th December at 9:30am.  It is 5 miles & is "undulating with some verysoft going, some gravel tracks and a short stretch of tarmac at the start. Highlights include Ragged Boys Hill, Rakes Brakes Bottom and Freeworms Hill."  Do come & join Louise, me & other SRS runners as taking part will help the club.  Runners with incredibly good PBs are not able to take part which is a little odd - but should mean that it is suitably inclusive.  We do not need to wear club colours btw.

And the 2 yoga sessions were great!  I'm getting a repeat sorted out for January as I can now say with confidence that a yoga novice (or a running novice!) will be able to participate fully and benefit.

Former Beginners - we are running the Improvers for the next few weeks in such a way that I can take you to 30 minutes (if you missed the last Beginner session) and from there to 5K nice and smoothly!  Do please come along - you'll be very very welcome.

Please so bring reflectives to wear if you have them - if not, I'll be handing around my unlovely vests.  It's really important that we are seen on these dark evenings.

Last Week's Runs

  • Mon 7pm  7.32km in 49:09, 602 calories
  • Mon 8pm  one group did 6-6.52km in 48:22 burning 493 calories and the other did 4.24km in 35 minutes.
  • Tue 7pm   5.24km in 42:53, 349 calories

Monday, 14 November 2011

Last Week's Runs - and yoga!

On Wednesday, we have a yoga for runners one-off session - thanks to Fiona.  Please let me know if you'd like to come - we do have spaces!

  • Date:  Wednesday 16th November
  • Time: 7.30 - 9.00 pm  (Please note that the session will actually start at 7.30, but please arrive by 7.20, to allow time to set yourselves up, get comfortable etc.)
  • Location: Upper Community Lounge, Sports Hall, The Romsey School, Greatbridge Road, Romsey.  Exact location of the school can be found on their website
  • If people drive through the gates and past the initial car parking spaces, they will come to a tennis court type area on their left.  If they park there, I will arrange signage from that point.
  • Attendees should wear loose clothing and bring a blanket and a bottle of water.
  • If possible, please also bring a mat.  If you don't have a yoga mat, a camping mat will suffice.  The teacher has a couple of sparee mats.  Also, if you have, or can borrow, any yoga blocks, this would be useful too.
  • Cost: £10
Last Week's Runs
The highlight was Lyndsay, Jo S, Gemma, Steph and Louise - no longer Beginners as they ran for 30 minutes without a walking break! 

  • Mon  7pm 6.44km in 44:21, 514 calories
  • Mon 8pm 6.91km in 52:58, 517 calories
  • Tue 7pm 5.02km in 42:15, 296 calories
  • Tue 8pm 3.51km in 30:11, 210 calories

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Next Beginners' Programme: 10th January

I'm planning to start the next Beginners' Running Programme on Tuesday 10th January at 8pm.  This is designed for women of all ages (over 18) & fitness levels to progress over 10 weeks to running for 30 minutes without a walking break - and enjoying that run!

Graduates of this programme have gone on to run 5ks, 10Ks - and the 10 mile Great South Run.  The quality of conversation is at least as good (and as important) as the quality of running!

I've been leading beginner programmes since early 2009 & have completed an England Athletics coaching course.  I'm 42, love coaching and I run primarily to offset my love of ice cream.  Southampton Running Sisters are affiliated to England Athletics.  

I'm hoping this timing is good for anyone thinking about a running related New Year resolution - but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a snow free January!

  • Where? 
    • The Hub Sports Pavilion, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, SO50 6LA
    • Parking and loos on site.  We meet in the lobby - especially when it's cold!
  • When?
    • 8pm on Tuesday 10th January.  We should be finished by 9pm.
  • How much?
    • £15 for membership of Southampton Running Sisters - there's nothing to pay on top of this for the Beginners' Programme.
  • What will we do?
    • After a chat, we'll warm up & set out on the streets of Eastleigh!  We will gently jog for just one minute in the first week, followed by one minute of walking.  We repeat until we get to 30 minutes.
    • I do set homework...
    • We use a system called looping back to ensure that everyone can run at their own pace, no matter how gentle or speedy that is, without anyone being held back or anyone being left behind.  
    • You do not need to be fit to start.
    • Don't worry about missing the odd session.  I post next week's session on the blog (and it's in a document I will send you) so you can do the session alone if possible.  If not, don't panic!  The progression is gentle so you should be OK to rejoin the week after.
  • What do you need?
    • A completed form I will send you & a cheque for £15.
    • Sports bra, trainers (please don't buy running shoes before we start!) and anything else you are comfortable moving in.  We do run in the rain, so a lightweight waterproof is useful.  I have some unlovely reflective vests - you may prefer to bring your own!
    • If you are new to exercise or are worried about being fit enough, do have a chat with your GP before the programme starts.
  • How to sign up? 
    • Numbers are limited so please get in touch with me at if you'd like to take part - or if you'd like to know anything not covered here.
  • Useful resources

Monday, 7 November 2011

Runs w/c 31st October

As promised, beginners, here is the ParkRun link - this is the regular, free 5k event that takes place from Lakeside in Eastleigh in summer and from Wide Lane sports club in winter.  They've just shifted to the winter course:  

Last week's runs:
Tuesday 7pm 5.0km in 42;41, 287 calories
Tuesday 8pm 3.7km in 31:27, 221 calories

Beginners Week 10
Our final run as beginners!  30 minutes without a walk break.