Monday, 20 February 2012

Runs from the Hub on 13th & 14th Feb

Well done to all of you who completed the CC6 at Bolderwood - very jealous:

  • 30th place: Claire D
  • 42nd place Donna R
  • 43rd place Dawn H
  • 47th place Louise H-W
  • 49th place Jayne
  • 50th place Clare L
  • 55th place Gillian
  • 56th Place Hilary
  • 57th place Pat

The 6th (and last) CC6 of the year will be at Fleming Park on March 4th.  Will attempt to get the hang of calendars & actually make this one....

More of you than I expected came along on Tuesday - valentines & half term obviously couldn't keep you from getting your running fix!

Last Week's Runs
Mon 7pm 6.88km in 45:17, 566 calories
Mon 8pm 5.32km in 47:51, 287 calories
Tue 7pm 6.24km in 38:43, 525 calories
Tue 8pm 3.79km in 38:07, 218 calories

Beginners Week 7
3 walk breaks this week - it's important to set out at a steady pace now that the running intervals are longer so you can guarantee finishing in fine fettle!

  • Warm up
  • Run for 33 minutes with a 1 min walk break at 8, 17 and 26 minutes.
  • Cool Down
  • Stretching

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