Monday, 27 February 2012

Runs from Eastleigh on 20th & 21st Feb - and a change

This will be the last weekly blog from this website - I will be starting a new one this week with a more SRS-ish url!  

I've scheduled the next 2 Thursdays as Eastleigh 10K test runs.  No looping back as that will add to the length of your run, but will probably adopt the SRS front & back marker approach instead, issuing a couple of maps of the route - have a look here to see where it goes.  The only differences will be at the Passfield Ave turn onto Shakespeare Rd where we may cut the other side of B&Q and given the lighting, we will finish up Passfield Ave rather than cutting into the park.  I will be the back marker.  Walk breaks are very acceptable and the aim is to give those of you taking part this year a bit of a confidence boost.  Both will go from the lobby at Fleming Park & will be setting off at 7pm.

Last Week's Runs:
Mon 7pm 6.79km in 44:36, 561 calories
Mon 8pm 7.15km in 50:45, 578 calories
Tue 7pm 5.66km in 42:12, 426 calories
Tue 8pm Beginners 3.29km in 32:55, 185 calories

This Week's Beginners - Week 8
33 minutes with 2 running breaks - one at 10 mins & one at 21 mins.  So much easier to sort out than the earlier walking breaks....

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