Monday, 30 January 2012

A bit more about... parkrun

I'm going to embark on another mini series of blogs about stuff you might find useful.  I'm sure you'll all contribute your own wisdom either as comments here or on Facebook!
Anyway, this mini series is about local events and kicking off with parkrun.

  • What? 
    • Eastleigh parkrun
  • When? 
    • Every Saturday morning at 9am
  • Where? 
    • In winter, the playing fields on Wide Lane, in summer, Lakeside Country Park next door.  The parkrun website tells you exactly where the start is - and whether they are in summer or winter mode
  • How far?
    • 5km
  • How much?
    • Free to everyone.
  • How does it work?
    • You need to register beforehand on their website.  This is free.  
    • Then print off a barcode that you take with you on Saturday.  
    • On crossing the finish line, you'll be handed a 2nd barcode.  A marshal will scan this together with your personal barcode.
    • Later that day, you'll be texted & emailed your time.  You'll also learn if you managed a PB!  Check on the website to track your progress.
    • Do 50 (like Karen B & Claire D) & you'll get a t-shirt.
  • What's so good about it?
    • parkrun is a series of 5km races that take place at venues all over the country at 9am on Saturdays.  Extremely well organised by volunteers, you'll run with a diverse mix of speeds - and ages, including kids.
    • The organisers are fabulous - and will respond well to any queries.  They maintain a useful Facebook page as well as the main website.
    • You can track your progress.
    • Pretty flat.
    • On the summer route, you can take your dog.
    • Pacemakers operate on some weeks - a great way to beat a time barrier.
    • Because it starts at 9am, it doesn't cut into your weekend too badly.
  • Any downsides?
    • It can be muddy - trail shoes will help, especially in winter.
    • The course always involves laps
    • Try to get there at least 5-10mins before the start.
If you're a little nervous about the first time, volunteer to help out.  This will give you the chance to see what's going on & meet some of the runners and organisers without the additional pressure of actually running!  You can volunteer any week, but SRS are providing lots of volunteers on 18th Feb.

Alternatively, mention you'd like to give it a go on Mon/Tue at the training session & I'll see if I can rustle up a running buddy for you.

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